After an extensive professional history as interior designer, Nabih Afara recently introduced his first collection of furniture, through which he combined the simulation of fashion and luxury with a distinct and unique vision for interior spaces, which he considered a great challenge. “Launching My first collection required several months of discussions with my clients searching for the ideal designs, through the successful stories they experienced while enjoying using my furniture in their own projects. I thoroughly focused on designing the pieces, adapting them to different designs, whether on walls or floors, and enhancing the aesthetics of spaces in particular”, he said.

“I have faced many challenges as an interior designer in terms of innovation and techniques. The difficulty lies in creating sophisticated and elegant pieces of furniture that suit luxurious houses and small and simple houses alike. The target is to constantly enhance the spirit of luxury by providing ideas concerning the materials and colors in use to achieve the elegance and aesthetics required today in the world of luxury furniture. In fact, I consider it a unique experience in my professional journey”, he added.

Regarding the issues he concentrate on while introducing his collection, he mentioned that his focus was based on his experiences with his clients. “I chose to be compatible with fashion when designing my furniture pieces, and therefore I was keen to introduce innovative designs in terms of the main theme and the type of fabrics and their specific colors, where ingenuity appeared in the design of each individual piece to enhance its presence in any space as an influential piece of art. I also focused on luxury and well-being through the sizes and colors of the furniture pieces. I always ensure my customers feel comfortable and luxurious in their homes and are proud of owning these unique pieces with the finest types of European fabric and very high-quality sponge.

He also stressed that “quality and durability were priorities in choosing materials and technologies with great care”, in addition to his keenness to introduce a wide variety of designs, colors and fabrics to meet the needs and desires of his different customers, and his attention to the details that always play a decisive role in highlighting the beauty and luxury of the interior space. In his new collection, Nabih Afara took heed of the details in terms of shape, stitching, fabric, texture, fittings, constant friction, and even the piece weight to ensure all the details are professionally finished”.